April Guffey

As a former foster youth and foster sister, and as an adoptee, I am no stranger to trauma or the brokenness that envelops the foster care and adoptive systems. .

As an adoption coach, I come alongside prospective and current adoptive families and support them in their challenges, and help answer their questions from my perspective, while also using my own research and current college classwork. 

As a speaker, I educate all about foster care and adoption, while simultaneously encouraging, uplifting, and inspiring.

As a writer, I create content about the nuances of adoption and foster care.

 Adult Adoptee, Adoption/ Foster Care Coach, Speaker, and Writer

“As a foster and adoptive mom, listening to the voices of FFY and adoptees is incredibly important. It gives perspective, helps us do better, and helps us identify biases or incorrect thinking patterns. April has fielded my questions with thoughtfulness, grace, and honesty. She acknowledges that her opinions and perspective are her own and views things through a Christian worldview. I am excited to see her launch her project and allow God to use her experiences and voice to help others. Being vulnerable and open to people (especially people you’ve never met in person!) takes immense courage and should be valued and respected. Thanks to April for helping me be a better foster and adoptive mom for my kiddos!”

- Kat

Soulfully made by Amber x Nina